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Real Property Services

Real Property Services (RPS) has been a provider of real property information in the state of Texas for 20 years. Today, the RPS staff has combined their knowledge of Texas title to include full vendor management services nationwide. RPS is now known as Priority Vendor Management, LLC dba Real Property Services effective January 2005.

Making the lender the Priority

What sets RPS apart from other vendors…it is simple…a staff of associates that care about the lenders business. We are making the lender the priority.

RPS is very much aware that quality and turn time are of the utmost importance to our lenders. As we continually streamline processes to better serve, we also place a strong emphasis on our ability to provide a high level of customer service.

RPS has built relationships with national lenders over the years that clearly have the same vision that we have in regards to quality, quick turn time and effective price structure to enable our lenders to provide the same to their borrower.

The RPS staff is eager to use their expertise in lending, the title industry, and appraisal management to bring a depth of understanding and efficiencies to the lenders process.

Making the lender the Priority…simple.



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